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It’s Spring and Coney Island’s Luna Park is OPEN! via @coneyislandfun (at Coney Island Luna Park)

Coney Island!

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Handling Business 

Handling Business 

Perfect Thursday inspiration seeing as though its noon and I have barely done anything.

This time next week Andrew will be making his journey to Brooklyn away from Philadelphia, the place he has called home for 8 years, the place we have been together for 4. He will be headed home, to Brooklyn. The city that he feels alive, the city that never sleeps but somehow doesn’t make him tired. The breath of fresh air that actually smells like trash that he loves and has missed for the last 8 years. Here goes nothing, Biggie. 

It’s amazing how much you can get if you quietly, clearly and authoritatively demand it
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no, I don’t. I elongate my O’s because I grew up in Delaware, close to Maryland. 



Paris - La Sorbonne

I ate here! I can see the table we sat at!

Ugh, take me back.

I was just re-telling my romantic 6 weeks in Paris to a co-worker. This is where I went to school every day. And Paris is where I found out who I was and who I wanted to be. As cliche as it sounds, it was true. Paris saved me. 

This is it, this is what I want. Andrew should have never told me he had two .75 carat diamonds from his Grandmother that are to be used for his future (me) wife. For about 2 years now every now and then I search for engagement rings that could be made with 2 loose diamonds that isn’t a three stone setting. know what i mean? Well here it is, me heart skipped a beat when I stumble upon this and I wasn’t even looking. I guess that’s the way things work. Anyway, I have freaked Andrew out before 11 AM on Monday morning, go me! http://eriebasin.com/a_2diam0213.html

Let’s end with a drink. You’re sitting down in your fantasy bar. What’s in your glass?
I’m in Belfast and it’s 4 o’clock in the afternoon — late- afternoon sun shining through the window, dust motes floating lazily in the air, maybe The Pogues are on the jukebox — and I’m drinking Guinness from a pint glass. Slowly.
Anthony Bourdain

Sarah & Cohen 

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