Pugs & Baubles

a rare combination of world domination.



how i think i look everyday. i got the short part down, that’s about it


new york. june, 2014.

soon, patience is key. 

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Tuesday Inspiration with 2 more days of work and the big move to NYC on Friday!

Everything is possible. Embrace the everything!
Make your mark in New York and you are a made man.
Mark Twain

for the past few weeks, no guy compares to him 

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some people go to priests. others to poetry. i to my friends.
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You like yoga. You like dogs. What is happening here? What’s that feeling in your chest? Is it chemistry? Is it a burning need for something that combines two of your life loves?

It could be heartburn. That doesn’t mean you don’t want this on a thing though.

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